The Ghost of Catherine in La Laguna

In the Town of La Laguna is the Museum of History and Anthropology of Tenerife. This is situated in the “Casa Lercaro“, and was once a fine mansion. Back in November 2003 a Spanish newspaper ran a story about a ghost in the museum. The staff wanted to remain anonymous when talking about the ghost, as they were frightened of losing their jobs. Tenerife does not like to promote its historic buildings with ghosts. La Laguna Council want to keep quiet about this young lady Catherine, or Catalina in Spanish, who they say haunts the museum.


The 16th century house in San Augustine Street was owned by the wealthy Lercaro family. Catalina’s father, Antonio Lercaro, forced her to marry an older man. On the day of the wedding Catalina threw herself down a well at the back of the mansion. She was so unhappy about the marriage, and felt that there was no other way out. This made her take her own life.


The story goes that her remains are hidden in one of the rooms in the house. The church would not allow Catalina’s body to be buried in the cemetery because she had committed suicide. The well was boarded up, and the family moved away to La Orotava.


A young woman has reportedly been seen in the Museum, and mysterious footsteps have been heard. The forgotten Catalina haunts this museum in La Laguna.


Ghost Tenerife

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