The Pyramids of Guimar

Tenerife has some very interesting history that will only come to light if you start to explore, spend time reading, and dig deep into the Islands core of unexplained wonders.

On the East side of the Island is the town of Guimar. On arriving in Guimar the town does not appear to have much to offer. Quite the opposite as this town is home to some of the most interesting ancient history in Tenerife, the intriguing Six Step Pyramids.

The first excavations of the Pyramids were done by the University of La Laguna. The pyramids are Twelve Meters in height, with platforms and enclosures completing the complex. The explorer Thor Heyerdahl spoke about the pyramids in 1991. The enclosures are thought to have been used to keep goats in, and the goats were then used in a sacrifice.

The Canary Islands Astrophysical Institute came up with the possibility the structures may have astronomical connections that go back to ancient times. One piece of the complex lines up with a spectacular sunset. This sunset is known as a double sunset. The sun goes behind the Anaga Mountains and then reappears and sets for a second time in a small niche in the mountains. The studies show the pyramids were aligned to the summer and Winter solstices. Ancient people were in awe of the golden colour planet we know as the sun. They thought the sun was a god and had special powers. Sun worship was a big part of their lives.

IMG 0085Pyramid at Guimar Tenerife

To get a true feeling of what may have gone on around these strange structures you need to visit the complex in the town of Guimar. The complex is really well laid out, with a picnic area, children’s playground, cafeteria, and gift shop. The views from the park are a photographers dream. At the entrance you can decide what things you would like to see. The different programs are individually priced.

The park area is beautifully kept; you can stroll around at your own pace to view the pyramids. I am sure you will feel the peaceful energies the park holds, together with the mysteries of a past when the pyramids played an important part in people’s lives. There is an Auditorium showing an interesting documentary, and a museum both are worth including in your visit. In the museum there are some interesting artefacts. The little gold statues of ancient artwork express the desire for gold, which extends across all time, races, and nationalities.

Artifacts at Guimar

Take plenty of water and high factor sun cream as it can get extremely hot, there is a lot to see so you will need to keep yourself hydrated while walking around.

The pyramids make an interesting visit, and are set in beautiful surroundings. I went to the complex last November and often find myself thinking about the mystery that shrouds the stone structures.

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Jane Goossens

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Jane has visited Tenerife many times over the last 10 years and has become very familiar with all aspects of the island having travelled all over the island, and spends over 8 weeks there every year. Jane has an interest in arts and crafts and enjoys the quirky side of Tenerife.


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