About Us


Jane and Pete have visited Tenerife together many times over the last 10 years, and have become fascinated by this island.   I first visited (Pete) Tenerife way back in 1982 as a young lad staying in Puerto de la Cruz at the San Felipe hotel on the sea front. This was only my second summer holiday abroad as the package holiday market was just becoming accessible to the likes of me, and the hotel seemed very posh. I only stayed there be chance as we were originally booked in the the Sol Parque San Antonio which had been over booked, so we were moved. We were very pleased as it was an upgrade on the original hotel at no extra cost.


  I didn’t return to Tenerife for another 20 years.   Then, in 2002, we were given a voucher Jane’s dad had won somewhere for a week’s free accommodation in Playa de la Americas, so we booked a flight and I arrived back in Tenerife after so many years. It was Jane’s first visit to the island.   We found the hotel here to be very noisy and parked next to a very busy main road, so we didn’t get much rest, but we enjoyed the stay none the less.


  I’m not sure how it happened, but we found ourselves returning regularly to Tenerife, nearly buying an apartment, and visiting no less than 5 separate times in 2007 alone. Those were the good old days when we were finding return flights of £122 for the two of us including tax (yes, for the two of us, not each). I guess we found somewhere we had got familiar with and just kept coming back for more.   We stayed most often at Amarilla Golf right next to Golf del Sur, it was quiet and suited us at the time and had found an apartment we could rent very cheaply, we would even venture out to Los Abrigos and Las Galletas occasionally.


Then we woke up one day and realised we didn’t know much about Tenerife at all, as we had stayed pretty well cocooned in our little safe haven in Amarilla golf. So we hired a car to explore a little. That’s where it really started for us on our journey with this website. We found another world out there full of amazing scenery, history we never realised and some real Tenerife culture.


  Since then we still return to Tenerife often, but not to sit around in resorts, but to travel around the island, mostly on busses, but with the occasional fire car to get to the more remote parts easily. We have learnt much about the islands history and culture, and continue to do so. We are at the beginning of our adventure as we see it, as we are discovering so much about the island, not only the history and culture, but all the hidden places the average visitor to Tenerife never sees, or even has the slightest idea exists.


  We know there are others with great website and blogs who have gone before us, but we hope we can add our own perspective to these and perhaps even some new things as we continue to travel around Tenerife.