Typical Tenerife Cusine

Canarian Potatoes - Are small potatoes boiled in their skins in salty water. They are left with a crispy salt skin and are often served with Mojo sauce.


Mojo - Is a sauce which may be red, or green depending on its ingredients that is eaten with fish, meat or potatoes and is the most typical food of the Canaries. The sauce is made of olive oil, spices, garlic and vinegar. The spice in the green mojo is coriander, and the spice for the red mojo is red chillies.


Pan fried fish - Fish is served grilled (a la plancha), including tuna, swordfish, and sea bass.


Gofio – Is a locally produced cereal made from grinding toasted wheat, corn or barley. It is added to soups and sauces, and is eaten with milk for breakfast.


Churros - Similar to doughnuts and often eaten for breakfast.


Tapas - Means snacks. Small dishes of chicken, meat, potatoes, seafood, fish, salads and tortilla.


Pulpo a la Gallega – Octopus prepared the Spanish way sprinkled with sea salt and paprika.


Spanish omelette – A tapas favourite and classic Spanish dish, made from layers sliced of potatoes and bound together with eggs.


Ropa Vieja - A dish of shredded steak in a tomato sauce


Pimientos de Padron - Hot green peppers fried in olive oil and eaten as a starter

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