Titsa Surcharge up to Two Euros at Airports on Tourists

The Council of Tenerife have applied a surcharge to the Titsa bus services going to ether of Tenerife’s two  airports effective from the 28th July. The extra charge being applied is of one or two euros depending on the length of the journey. Journeys that are less than 33km will have a one euro charge added on to the original fare, and those travelling more than 33km will have two euros added to the fare.


The surcharge is only chargeable for passengers traveling to the airports, and not to those passengers that are on route to different destinations but are on busses passing through the airport. So in effect you are paying leave or reach the airport, and is directed at tourists visiting Tenerife. This is in addition to the 10% increase in bus fares overall. The routes affected are 102, 108 at Tenerife north airport, and 111 and 343 at Tenerife south airport.


The first surcharges to be applied to Titsa bus services was added to the routes 342 and 348 to Teide National Park, you can only pay in cash on these two routes, stopping the use of special discounts on these routes. This surcharge is also targeted at tourists and not residents, being that it is on a tourist route up to Teide.

Last modified on Saturday, 31 August 2013 11:11