No Camping in Callao Salvaje

The council of Adeje are planning to take legal action against camper’s who illegally camped in the cove area of Sueño Azul over Easter. Apparently a lot of rubbish was left at the site of the camp, complaints were made to the local Police about the camper’s general behaviour.

Camping outside of the limited official areas designated for campers is illegal on Tenerife, the sites that are provided offer very limited facilities and this incident has raised the continuing problem of illegal camping again.

The Association for the Rights of Campers says that Tenerife needs to catch up with the rest of Europe and start providing proper facilities. The residents, who live near the areas where illegal camping has become a problem, claim that the campers are noisy, leave a mess and generally show no respect towards the environment and property, using the toilet facilities of the hotels and apartments blocks.

Last modified on Saturday, 31 August 2013 11:03