Tenerife Air Disaster at Los Rodeos Airport 1977

The worst aviation disaster in history happened at Tenerife's north airport of Los Rodeos in 1977 when two Boeing 747 jumbo jets colided on the runway with the loss of 583 lives. The accident prompted the construction of Tenerife south airport in the municipality of Abona close to Los Abrigos.


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  • Canary Islands Airports Closed Due to Bad Calima Weather and Sandstorm

    Update 11:39, 24th February 2020. Tenerife airports and the other Canaries airports appear to be operating normally. It now depends on your flight operator when the flight schedule returns to normal, as we have said Jet2 have cancelled all flights to the Canaries today. Please check with your tour or flight operators for the status of your flights. We are sure all flights will be back to normal tomorrow.

    Please check the Tenerife South Airport Arrivals Board the Tenerife South Airport Departures Board and the live Canaries airport radar for updates.

    Update 10:44, 24th February 2020. Jet2 have just confirmed they will not be operating any flights to the Canary Islands today

    Update 10:33, 24th February 2020. Another flight landed at Tenerife South (TFS), this one from London Stanstead Ryanair FR8166. Landed at 09:45.

    Obviously flight schedules will not be back to normal for a day or two, so you must check with your tour operator or airline for details of your flights.

    North Tenerife Airport (TFN) is busy now so looks like all is back to normal there.

    Update 09:47, 24th February 2020. The first scheduled arrival at Tenerife South has just landed, it was Ryanair flight FR3152 from Faro. Landed at 09:45.

    We have also seen two flights depart from Tenerife South airport this morning, so the signs are good, the visibilty is much improved today, and the high winds have also gone.

    Flights are also arriving and departing this morning from the other Canary Island airports, Lanzarote, Grand Canaria and Fuerteventura, but we haven't seen any activity at La Palma as yet.

    Update 08:32, 24th February 2020. A flight has just departed from Tenerife South airport, so the signs are good that things are slowly getting back to normal. We still haven't yet seen any arrivals at Tenerife South Airport this morning (TFS), the first scheduled arrival is for approximatley 09:15 from Faro.

    Update 09:03, 24th February 2020. There are several flights enroute to Tenerife South Airport this morning so we expect things to get back to normal today, the first scheduled arrival is for approximatley 09:15 from Faro.

    Update 08:32, 24th February 2020. A flight has just departed from Tenerife South airport, so the signs are good that things are slowly getting back to normal. We still haven't yet seen any arrivals at Tenerife South Airport this morning (TFS), the first scheduled arrival is for approximatley 09:15 from Faro.

    Update 07:52, 24th February 2020. It's been anounced that all Canary Islands airports are open with reduced capacity this morning. Official statement reads 'At this time, all airports are able to operate with reduced capacity. Check with the airline the status of your flight, because it can still be affected'. We haven't yet seen any arrivals at Tenerife South Airport this morning (TFS).

    Update 23:06, 23rd February 2020. We have found a flight inbound to Grand Canaria from Finland, it is currently approximatley 55 minutes from Grand Canaria. This would sugest that LPA is now open to inbound flights again. You can monitor this flight from our live Canary Islands radar.

    Update 22:47, 23rd February 2020. A flight from Madrid has just landed at Tenerife North airport. There are no flights we can see headed for Tenerife South airport at this time, but as the conditions have improved slightly, flights may resume in the morning, although the visibilty is still poor.

    Update 22:20, 23rd February 2020. Another flight has just landed in the Canary Islands this evening, Iberia Express IBS3850 from Madrid landed in Lanzarote.

    Update 22:08, 23rd February 2020. A flight has just landed at Fuerteventura, Iberia Express IBS3902 from Madrid, so it looks like the weather may be improving over the Canary Islands this evening.

    15:47, 23rd February 2020. It’s just been announced that due to worsening weather conditions in the Canary Island, all inbound flights to all airport on the Canary Island have been diverted to alternative airports. There is a calima (sandstorm) and very high winds all over the Canary Islands

    For example, we have just monitored BA2702 from London Gatwick to Tenerife South divert to Faro in Porgugal. Other flights we have opserved have been divered to Malaga.

    You can check the Tenerife South Airport Arrivals Board and the live airport radar.

    The photos below were taken this afternoon in Puerto de la Cruz.


    The weather here is truly appalling now, with very high winds and poor visibility due to the Calima sandstorm. See the pictures taken today, everything is a very weird orange colour caused by the sand in the air. This Puerto de la Cruz in the north of the island.


    The advice is to check with your airline before heading to the airport if you are travelling to or from any of the Canary Islands today 23rd February 2020.

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    This weekend the holiday island Tenerife (18th November 2018) was hit by a storm resulting in extremely rough seas. This extraordinary video clip shows an apartment block in north Tenerife being hit by very large waves causing balconies to be ripped off the building. Luckily no one was injured but shows the enormous power of the sea.

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  • Take up Shinetherapy

    This promotional video for the Canary Islands shows off what most believe to be the best climate in the world, with spring like weather in the winter to long sunny days in the summer cooled by the northern trade winds. The Canary Islands are often referred to as the Blessed Isles due to the all year round pleasant climate these islands are fortunate to enjoy.

  • Plane Skids Off Tenerife Runway

    A plane landing at Tenerife north airport, Los Rodeos, skidded off the run way on Wednesday evening after landing. The aircraft experienced trouble after landing in heavy rain and had difficulty stopping due to the flooded runway.

  • Flight Delays to Tenerife Today

    For information about the closure of all Canary Island Airports 23rd and 24th February 2020, please see the post on this link for airport closure information updates.


    There has been a technical problem at Swanwick air traffic control centre in the UK this morning affecting flights from the UK including flights to Tenerife.

    There are delays to flights of up to two hours with and report of up to a fifth of flights being cancelled at Gatwick and Stansted airports.

    There have been restrictions over UK air space from early this morning as most flights start at 6am this is when the problems started. It is reported that the problem is unlikely to be fixed before 2pm.

    Gatwick is reporting that 20% of its flights are delayed from 40 minutes to two hours.

    Passengers are advised to check with their airlines about possible delays.

    The problem is due to a technical fault switching from night time to daytime operations. At night times the sectors of airspace are combined and when it gets busy in the daytime the sectors are split out.

    The switch over of voice communications from night time to daytime has failed to reconfigure correctly.


    Check the status of you flight on the Tenerife airport arrivals board or the Tenerife airport departures board


    Watch live aircraft movement on our Tenerife airport live radar


    Official updates on NATS website.



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