Is El Médano Windy?

In a word, yes, El Médano is windy and sometimes it can be ridiculously windy. But having said that it is not excessively windy all the time, but you will need to be prepared for the winds here and for some sand irritation if sunbathing in the dunes, the Playa El Médano beach in the town centre is quite sheltered from the winds so is not a problem there. But even with the strong wind it is still warm, in the summer when it can get really hot on Tenerife, these winds will help to keep you nice and cool during the heatwaves.

As El Médano can be extremely windy at times the Wind Surfing world championships are held here and is why it attracts so many wind and kite surfers from around the world to its beaches. There is a thriving wind and kite surfing community here with small surf shops supporting all the windsurfer and kite surfers needs. If you are into wind or kite surfing, then the conditions here can hardly be better.

Places to Stay in El Médano

El Médano is windier than elsewhere on Tenerife as it is on headland that juts out into the strong Atlantic trade winds where the air is accelerated as it pushes past the islands Mount Teide which stands at 3718 metres, the highest mountain on Spanish territory.

The town has many bars and restaurant along the promenade and in the towns back streets, El Médano is unique in many ways as it is not a purpose-built resort but is an authentic Tenerife town. You can find out a lot more about this unique Tenerife resort on our El Médano review page.

The resort attracts young bohemian beach dude and hippy types due to the attraction of the surf so gives the resort a friendly laidback feel. There is plenty of rental accommodation in El Médano including apartments and hotels.

Places to Stay in El Médano

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