The Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 1797 Video

In July 1797 Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson led an attack on the town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife planning to capture it from the Spanish for the British crown. The hope was that it would severely damage the Spanish treasury, weakening Spain and her forcing into ceasing hostiles with Britain.

The attack was planned after Nelson had one a victory over the Spanish at Cadiz in southern Spain. Nelson set sail from Cadiz with his squadron of warships believing the capture of Tenerife from the Spanish was foregone conclusion and was seen as an easy prize.

At the time Tenerife was the only port authorised to trade with the Americas and was therefore extremely important to the Spanish strategically.

The attack was a personal disaster for Nelson, for not only did he lose the battle, he also lost his right arm attempting to land on Tenerife.

If he had succeeded Tenerife would be a very different place today, the culture and language would have been British, rather than Spanish as it is today.


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This short video tells the story of that fateful venture for Nelson.



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