Bird of Paradise Flower

Many exotic plants have been introduced into Tenerife from all over the world including the iconic Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia flower, which has become a national symbol of Tenerife.

It is known as the Bird of Paradise or Crane Flower due to its resemblance to the birds head and beak; the flower heads are formed of bright yellow and orange, purple and blue.

Its proper name is ‘Strelitzia Reginae’, named after Queen Charlotte, Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who was also the wife of King George III of England.

The plant was introduced to Europe at Kew Gardens in London in 1773 from South Africa, and has since been introduced to many countries around the world; it is also the official flower of the City of Los Angeles in the USA.

The plant is used as a bedding plant in the parks and hotel gardens of Tenerife due to its low maintenance and easy growing needing little water.


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