Tapas Routes (Ruta de la Tapa)

A tapas route (Ruta de la Tapa) involves a number of participating bars, cafes and restaurants offering a tapa and a drink for about 2.50 euros. Many of these routes are organised throughout the year in various towns on Tenerife.

There is normally a booklet issued that can be collected from the participating establishments or local tourist office, containing a map showing the location of the tapas route eateries.

This booklet will also have a photo and description of the tapa on offer at each place, so you can choose the ones you like the look of. Each restaurant will offer a speciality, so they are quite different, some are traditional, and some are very modern and fancy, and some are even deserts.

You can have your booklet stamped when you visit one of the restaurants as a record of your visit, and after collecting ten stamps you can vote for your favourite tapa if you wish. The restaurant with the most votes for the best tapa wins.

These tapas routes are great fun and an excellent way to try the cuisine and alcoholic beverages of Tenerife.


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