Tenerife Drought Continues

With the continuing drought on Tenerife, the councillor for water on Tenerife, Jesus Morales, has stressed the need for citizens to make responsible use and avoid excessive use of water. He has emphasised that saving just a few litres a day will make a difference in the long run to water supplies.


Tenerife is currently in a drought situation that is mainly affecting agriculture as priority is given to domestic supply which is not under threat. Tenerife gets 84% of its water supply from underground sources and therefore it has been assured that water for domestic, tourist and industrial uses are safe.


Jesus Morales has pointed out that, in addition to the information campaign, steps had been taken such as the use of portable desalination plants, identification of wells capable of increasing production of water and transfer of water between different areas of the island.

Last modified on Saturday, 31 August 2013 11:10