Myths, Mysteries and Legends

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With all the history that the Island of Tenerife holds, you cannot book a Ghost Tour anywhere. It’s as if all the old Mansion houses, chapels, and other historic buildings are to remain in a shroud of mystery.  Tenerife does not wish to promote any ghostly activity. If you do some research it will reveal a lot of interesting stories around the Island, and evidence that Tenerife does have ghosts. If a place is haunted…
In the Town of La Laguna is the Museum of History and Anthropology of Tenerife. This is situated in the “Casa Lercaro“, and was once a fine mansion. Back in November 2003 a Spanish newspaper ran a story about a ghost in the museum. The staff wanted to remain anonymous when talking about the ghost, as they were frightened of losing their jobs. Tenerife does not like to promote its historic buildings with ghosts. La…

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