Just recently we spent a month touring the Island of Tenerife. Mainly to gather more information for our travel Web Site on Tenerife, although the occasional bit of sunbathing just had to be done! Pete and I work well together, and now have a Web Site that is growing fast within the travel industry.

Moving around the Island as much as we do, I did lose the plot with my suitcase. Never staying anywhere long enough to unpack, the contents of my case became a jumble. I knew I had packed enough underwear for at least two weeks of the trip but I could never find more than a couple of pairs of pants!

I decided I would bring my rucksack next time. Pete asked me what difference that would make. Compartments I replied. My rucksack has different compartments that I can use for underwear, footwear, tops, and dresses. I will know where everything is.

Jane with giant rucksack
Jane with giant rucksack

I know why he questioned this, as last time I used my rucksack I did not try carrying the weight of it before we left. I should have done a practise walk around our apartment with the rucksack on. During one trip we were staying in the North of the Island in January, so I had prepared for the cooler climate up there and had stuffed jumpers, boots, and woolly items into my rucksack.  The result being Pete had to help me carry the rucksack.

As we walked up a steep hill in Candelaria I could see the funny side. There was Pete in front with both of our rucksacks, and me walking behind carrying the beach towels! As Pete walked up the hill he shouted out that this is not what I had in mind.


That evening he decided to give me a lesson on packing a rucksack properly, something he was taught when he was in the army. As he went through the girly contents of my rucksack, he stuffed my bras and pants into my boots. Scrunched up my clothes in such a way I thanked God that the creased look is in fashion!

There was great annoyance at finding a pair of hair straightener’s and my favourite bath loafer. I knew he was thinking, ‘what has she bought these for’! Actually I did not use either. The art of packing is something we can only learn from experience.  However the repacking of the girly rucksack paid off and I was able to carry it, even though it looked like I was wearing a moon pack!

When traveling I share some toiletries with Pete to make our load lighter. However there are just some things a girl has to have. For the last trip I had put the sun creams in one bag, and somehow a tube of my hormonal cream that I was using at the time went in there as well. Yep you’ve guessed, Pete had been using it! He thought it was one of the sun creams.  I think it might have done some good, as he seems much more understanding now of my hormonal outbursts!

I thought that I might get overheated in the South were the weather is much warmer than the North of the Island. I was pleased with my little battery fan that I had purchased in the Pound shop back home. Only to have to use it on Pete when we took a bus ride down the mountain in high temperatures. It was like being on an Alton Towers ride for over an hour. Sharing my little fan with Pete that day saved a lot of mess on that bus!

Jane with hire car in Anaga Mountains TenerifeJane with hire car in Anaga Mountains Tenerife

Then there is the business of which one of us drives, and who reads the maps should we need to hire a car while staying on the Island. There are no arguments in this department, Pete is the driver and I am the map reader, which is why we have ended up in some strange and wonderful places! They say every cloud has a silver lining!

Our roles however are clearly defined, there I am with my girly pink laptop and sparkle gem sunglasses whilst Pete has his dark black and burgundy laptop and aviator sunglasses. Except for the day Pete’s laptop crashed, and he left his aviators in the Hotel. He insisted he must check his e-mails and the glare of the sun was too bright for him to do this. Wearing my sparkle gem sunglasses, and working at my pink laptop I waited to see if he was the one that got his bottom pinched that day……………..