The title of best beaches on Tenerife is very subjective of course and it all very much depends on what we like as individuals. You may prefer busy beaches with plenty of water activities and easy access to bar and restaurants. Or you may prefer the quiet beaches where you are left to your own devices. Tenerife also has natural black sand beaches, but some people don’t like these much and prefer sand of the more yellow variety.

Maybe you have visited some of these beaches, but more likely you haven’t been to many of them.

Here is a selection of some of Tenerife’s best beaches, this list is not comprehensive and you may well want to add your own favourites the list.

Playa Teresitas

Playa de las Teresitas is one of Tenerife’s best kept secrets. This beach is Tenerife’s largest and as it is on the north eastern coast to the north east of the island capital of Santa Cruz, it is not often visited by the tourists who mainly inhabit the south western corner of Tenerife.

The beach is over 1.5km long and is man made from imported sand from the Sahara desert.

Playa las Teresitas Tenerife

Playa las Vistas

Playa las Vistas is the main beach of the resort of Playa de las Americas and stretches along to Los Cristianos. The beach has a promenade lined with cafes and restaurants, and is made from goldenish sand. Like all the golden beaches on Tenerife it is manmade from imported sand.

Playa Camison

Playa Camison also in Las Americas is a yellow sand beach backed on to by a couple of 5 star hotels with a beach bar.

Playa Camison Tenerife

Playa Fanabe

Playa Fanabe is the main beach of Costa Adeje and is a large sand beach lined by a promenade with bars and restaurants. It also has a beach club serving drinks and playing club music on the beach.

Playa del Duque

Playa del Duque is small beach in the exclusive part of Costa Adeje with a meandering promenade with exclusive restaurants and cafes. This is the expensive part of Costa Adeje, no one euro beer offers here.

El Medano

The beaches at El Medano are home to Tenerife’s best natural beaches. They are the only natural sand beaches on the island that are not of the black sand variety. Playa El Medano

El Medano Beach Tenerife

Playa Jardin

Playa Jardin is the main beach for the north Tenerife resort of Puerto de la Cruz and consists of natural black sand. The beach is bordered with lush gardens and has cafes on the promenade.

Playa Socorro

Playa Socorro is north Tenerife’s cool beach where the local surf dudes come to play. Just one beach bar and made of black sand located near the town of Los Realejos.

Let us know your favourite beach on Tenerife and maybe you know of some hidden gems you would add to this list. You possible don’t agree at all with the beaches listed here.