Did you know it is totally prohibited to take food and drink into the Siam Park Water Kingdom? Judging by the experiences of some visitors to the park, clearly not everyone is aware of this policy.

If you take a cool bag expect it to be searched for contraband sandwiches and picnics. If you are discovered carrying in your own food, you can expect it to be confiscated while you are on the premises. You can return to collect it when you leave the park, and you are allowed to leave temporarily to eat outside the park walls and re-enter when you have finished.

siam park tenerife
Siam Park Tenerife

The Siam Park website does actually state that, ‘It Is Totally Prohibited to Bring Food and Drink into the Park’ but this information is buried at the bottom of a page about bars and restaurants and is not very visible.

What do you think of this policy on taking food in to Siam Park?

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