Las Gaviotas Beach Santa Cruz de la Tenerife Closed Due to Risk of Landslides

The beach at Las Gaviotas has been closed by the Santa Cruz City Council due to the danger of landslides. Councillor for Safety of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Carmen Delia Gonzalez said, “Citizens should know that there is a problem in the stability of the slopes near the beach, we have a real risk in that area and, consequently, we have blocked access for their own safety”.

However there is concern that people are ignoring the warnings and are using the beach in spite of the danger. A fence and signs have been put up warning of the danger but they have been uprooted by vandals.

Gonzalez added that it is not possible to put a police officer on the site 24 hours to enforce the ban, so has asked people to understand the risk to life and refrain from using the beach.

Las Gaviotas Beach Tenerife
Las Gaviotas Beach Tenerife

Police officers in the last few days have been down to the beach to remove people who have ignored the warning, and police will increase their surveillance of the beach.

Gonzalez reiterated the request for responsibility in this matter as there is a real threat to the lives of anyone on the beach.

The beach of Las Gaviotas is located to the north of Santa Cruz, about 1km as the crow flies from Las Teresitas beach.