Harvey and Max have been on many holidays to France, both were excited about their week’s holiday to Tenerife. The flight is around four hours, so mum and Dad don’t have too much of a challenge to keep the boys amused. As the plane makes a safe landing at Reina Sofia Airport in the South of Tenerife, Max hopes Ginger and Fred, his Guinea pigs, will be ok while he is away, and Harvey hopes the Island does not have too many birds! (Harvey does not like birds)

The Island is going to be a new adventure for Harvey and Max, and as they look out from the hired car window they are surprised to see so many palm trees, which they decide to call ‘Hot Trees’. The flora on the Island is vast, it is truly a nature wonderland for families to explore and learn from.

Choosing a Hotel that is right for both children and parents is of course important. Harvey and Max told me they preferred their first Hotel, which was the Iberostar Grand Hotel Anthelia in Costa Adeje. The Hotel offers quality accommodation, and is in a good location. Harvey and Max both said they liked the children’s club and swimming pools in this Hotel.

Harvey told me they went to the beach, Playa de Fanabe is about a ten minute walk away from the Iberostar Hotel.  The boys said the second Hotel was too strict and fancy, meaning it was not really for children. I understand from their mum the boys had to be on their best behaviour at the Hotel Botanico & Oriental Spa Garden in Puerto de la Cruz which is one of the most prestigious luxury hotels on the Island. Max did recommend having adjoining rooms if possible; he said it was nice to know that mum and Dad are not too far away.

tenerife loro park
Max and Harvey

I asked the boys if they liked the food in Tenerife; there was excitement in their voices when they told me about the buffet breakfasts in the Hotels, they loved all the choices and being able to get as much as they wanted. Harvey and Max told me they enjoyed the Omelettes.

They weren’t so excited about rabbit being on the menu in some restaurants though. Remember the Canarian Cuisine may not go down that well with young children, but all restaurants will be happy to cater for children.

The highlight of the boy’s holiday was Siam Park, which they visited twice. Max said he thought it cost about a hundred Euros for the four of them, saying ‘that’s not bad cos you can go on everything’. Harvey said ‘that’s not quite right Max’, as he saw a boy being measured for one of the water slides and he was not big enough to go on.

Next stop Loro Parque, a wonderful home to numerous animals. Harvey and Max ran up to their bedroom to get their souvenir’s they had bought back from the park to show me. They really enjoyed seeing all the animals, and told me the Orangutan’s had bright orange bottoms!

The boys told me they had seen a Gigantic Volcano. Mount Teide presence does not go unnoticed by anyone visiting Tenerife, as she silently watches over everything that is going on.

As I left the boys, I could still hear Harvey asking if anyone had a ten Euro note to swap for his one Euro coins he had come home with. I think these two little chaps came home with great memories of an Island they had fun on called Tenerife.

Interviewed by Jane Goossens.