Today we booked our next flight back to Tenerife but we haven’t booked our return flight so it will be interesting to see what we do. We’re keeping the return flight open as so we can do as we please.

On our last trip to Tenerife we should have been on a plane leaving Tenerife at 14:30 but at 9:30 that morning we had a moment of madness and moved our flight back another 3 days. On the very morning we were due to fly home we changed our flight at our breakfast table on a laptop computer, as we couldn’t face going home after such a great trip touring Tenerife for a whole month.

This time we are flying to Tenerife on 31st October from Gatwick with Monarch Airways. The last two times we have flown to Tenerife it has been with Monarch, in the past they were always too expensive, but now they seem to be offering really cheap flights, better even than easyJet.

Pete and Jane in the mirror Hotel Beatiz Puerto de la Cruz
Pete and Jane in the mirror Hotel Beatiz Puerto de la Cruz

On this trip we will be touring around Tenerife mostly by bus, we won’t be staying anywhere very long and will be on the move every few days visiting the less know parts as well as the popular tourist areas.

We’ll be blogging and Tweeting the whole trip. We can’t wait only 33 days left until we go.