I hope you are staying somewhere nice, after all you have traveled to this warm, interesting, fun Island to relax. After a day on the beach or just ambling about enjoying being a tourist you return to your temporary retreat, possibly thinking I wish I lived here. You can feel the early evening sun on your face.  All your work, family and financial worries are thousands of miles away back home. You only arrived a few days ago, and it’s like someone has been spoon feeding you a magic tonic because you feel just great.

You smile as you pour an early evening drink; the bottle of local Spanish wine cost you just a few euros. Canarian wines have vastly improved over the years with Tenerife now being the main producer.

There is some time to relax before getting ready to go out.  This little bit of “me time” we dream of back home, means all sorts of things are packed into ones suitcase. There is last year’s knitting to finish, perhaps a sketch pad and art pencils, your iPod, or the books you want to read or write. The famous author Agatha Christie found the climate and tranquility on the Island helped her to write another novel.

After a little rest it is time to take a refreshing shower. Don’t we just love all those little toiletries they give us to use in the Hotels. If you are staying in an apartment I hope you have packed some of your favourite bath or shower products to pamper yourself.

For us girls this is a chance to get dressed up so make sure you pack your pretties. Your Fairy Godmother will be disappointed if you don’t go out looking your best and if you are looking to meet someone, Prince Charming might be out tonight. You may be away with the one you love, so guys and girls make the extra effort to get dressed up for the evening. Oh yes, and don’t forget to compliment if your partner does make an effort. Thousands of rows have started when one feels they have made an effort and its gone unnoticed!

Once out you decide to enjoy a cocktail before dinner; they taste delicious, and are fun holiday drinks. If you don’t get the chance to talk much to each other at home, now is the time for romantic and fun conversation.  Don’t mention the mother in laws annoying habits or your concerns over next month’s mortgage payment. Remember you have come to Tenerife to relax, and your worries will be with you again soon enough when you return home. In Shirley Valentine’s case she never did return home. If my memory serves me right her decision to stay on the Greek Island changed her and her husband’s life.

Pina Colada in Hotel Jardines de Nivaria
Pina Colada in Hotel Jardines de Nivaria