Tenerife Weather Forecast for the Week Ahead

Tenerife Weather Forecast for the Week Ahead

The weather on Tenerife the last 24 hours has been pretty wild with winds in the coastal areas of up to 100kmh and up to hurricane force in the higher regions. The weather is expected to have calmed down by midnight on Monday, although it will still be very windy on Tuesday.

The rest of the week should be much calmer, but there will be showers throughout the week. The best weather will be in the north of the island where there should be sunshine most days. It is the south that will be cloudy with showers throughout the week.

The south of Tenerife is on orange alert for high winds and yellow alert for rain. Things should calm down in the south by Wednesday, although it will be cloudy with a high chance of rain.

The north is looking a little better with an orange alert for high winds, but no alert for rain. There should some sun in the north and possibly some showers during the week.

Things should brighten up on Saturday and Sunday with next week looking quite good.

Fred Olsen Ferry