Tenerife Rally 2012, Rallye Villa de Adeje

Tenerife Rally 2012, Rallye Villa de Adeje

The Tenerife rally 2012 (Rallye Villa de Adeje ) starts this year for the 23rd time on Friday 14th September 2012 and continues on Saturday 15th September.

Friday is the day of administrative and technical checks and the race proper stars on Saturday in 3×3 road book format with a new stretch being added this year between Santiago de Teide and Guia de Isora.

The rally is over a total distance of 102km with each section being a distance of 34km and starts Saturday morning at 09:00 at Calle Grande, Santiago de Teide. Each section of the rally is made up of three stretches.

Tenerife Rally 2012Tenerife Rally Car in Action

The first stretch is between Santiago del Tide and Guia de Isora along the TF-82, passing through Taraimo and Chio finishing at Guia de Isora. This stretch is approximately 17km.

The second stretch is from Guia de Isora to Vera de Erques using the same route as last year and is about 8.km in length.

The third stretch is between Tijoco and Taucho and is a difficult 8.5 km route.

These sections will be completed one after the other, then the cars will return to Santiago de Teide and complete the course three times in total.

Scheduled starting times from Santiago del Teide are for the  1st section at  9:45, 2nd section at  13:20 and the 3rd section at 16:55.

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This will be a great exciting day out .