Dirty Harrys this is what I call those eight leg creepy crawlies that make us girls cringe. I don’t know about you, but I always do a bed check before I get in and a boot check before I put them on.

Having said this, if I come across a spider that has decided to try and move in at home, I never kill it. They end up out on the window ledge ready to begin another journey. Please be careful what you use to pick them up. They are not a pretty sight, and yet they are very delicate.

This brings me to say have you ever really looked at their webs. I found this video that someone has filmed in the North of Tenerife in the Anaga Forest. You only see a spider at the beginning of the film, and the rest is a gallery of intricate pieces.

The webs are so delicate it looks like someone has woven very fine lace around the trees and bushes in the forest. Whilst I do not enjoy the company of spiders I did enjoy watching this little piece of film.

What a shame the creatures that make these beautiful pieces of art work scare us so much.