If you are someone that likes a good romantic read, and has a bit of cash to spare then read this.

In August 1978 Mills and Boon published a book called Nurse in Tenerife by Pippa Lane. Here is a brief outline of the story for you.

A nurse called Trudy Forest does not want to leave Midthorpe General Hospital. She is in love with a handsome doctor called Derek Laridine. Trudy has to go and nurse her stepmother who lives on the glamorous Alantic Island of Tenerife. As it turns out Tenerife does have its compensations.

A Spanish surgeon known as Mr Tenerife happens to be the Islands richest man. At first Trudy does not like him, and then just as she is warming to his passionate character Dr Derek Laridine reappears…….

If you fancy this book I recently saw a copy of the 192 page paperback on Amazon. Someone was selling this vintage little gem for £49.99! Have a great holiday and happy reading.

Nurse in Tenerife by Pippa Lane
Nurse in Tenerife by Pippa Lane