I am blogging from the Jardine Tropical Hotel lobby; Pete is doing some work for one of his clients, it is our first morning here. There has been a bad storm here in Tenerife the last few days. The weather is recovering just in time for our visit its very warm and the sun is out. Just had breakfast have tried not to overdo it! We had champagne, fruit, pancakes; omelette, cakes, croissants, fresh juice, and coffee.

We are pleased with this Hotel; I found it in my Tenerife guide book as I know you have to be careful when booking around the Los Americas area, as not all the Hotels are good. This Hotel is just outside Los Americas, we will be able to walk there easily. I would come back to stay here at the Jardine Tropical it is good.

Hotel Jardin Tropical Tenerife]
Hotel Jardin Tropical Tenerife

Clientele staying here are French, Germans, Dutch, flight crews, and nice people like us!

We will be heading to the North of the Island again, but feel we need a bit more on the web site from this area first. I have come prepared with my jumpers and walking boots for the mountains and cooler climate in the North. With no return flight booked (main reason for this is we cannot trust ourselves to turn up for it) we are on another adventure…………