Staying at Gran Melia resort in Alcala and we have meet another couple Graham and Thae. They are also on the Island for a month visiting different places. Although unlike us they have a house as a base. We have been moving around a fair bit lately, living out of our suitcases. I have nearly driven Pete mad! I cannot find anything and then Hey Ho it turns up in the bottom of my suitcase. Also I know I packed enough underwear, and yet I can never find more than two pairs of pants in my case!

Back to Thae and Graham, this couple are complete foodies, and know all the good restaurants. They go out of their way to find these hidden gems where they know they will be served local cuisine and pay local prices. Unfortunately on this visit we do not have time to follow up all their recommendations. Although will try and visit Meson El Monasterio next time we are in the Puerto del la Cruz area.

While staying at Gran Melia in Alcala we heard a local village had caught fire. In fact it was a lot more serious as forest fires were spreading up in the mountains. Before we realized this, Pete noticed the sunlight was different more a deep orange colour and I was sitting by the pool, and noticed there was a fine ash blowing around.

The next day the news was full of reports that the fire was out of control. We started to see helicopter’s and water planes around. The resort we are staying in was about four or five miles away, at night we could look up the hill and quite clearly see the flames it was right across the ridge of the mountains. Not a site we are likely to see again and hopefully we won’t It is very sad as some people have lost their homes. The firemen are not paid as professionals here and yet they were up their fighting the fire back at times with their hands to save homes. The resort we are in was getting covered in black ash and on one day the thick smoke hung in the sky over us blocking out the sun.

I have been spending some time doing some research on Agatha Christie and her stay in Tenerife. If you would like to read my write up on this mystery woman I will blog when I have finished and it is on the web site.

[![Forest Fires on Tenerife Veiwed from Alcala]($wpsize_!medium!,w_300,h_224,c_scale/v1569339523/]( Fires on Tenerife Veiwed from Alcala