On our last trip to Tenerife this June, we thought we would treat ourselves to a flight with BA club class. This came about due to a special offer being put in front of me after I had booked the flight to Tenerife south from Gatwick. BA’s website put this offer in front of me as a onetime only opportunity to fly club class, and with the price they offered I couldn’t resist. I’ve seen these tickets going for £650 per seat one way, so when they offered me an upgrade for £80 each I took it.

I was looking at British Airways at the time as their flights were very competitive. BA’s ticket price includes hold baggage up to 23kg, hand luggage, in flight food and complimentary drinks. I’ve found that if you are booking ahead, BA’s flights can be cheaper than the budget airlines if you take into account hold baggage and inflight meals.

Anyway, we duly arrived at Gatwick’s north terminal, and having checked in online we were shown to the special baggage drop off desks for First class and Club Class passengers, where we were speedily dealt with. Then it was off to the dedicated security check area where there was no queue whatsoever, in fact we were the only people there apart from the very polite security staff, who checked our passports and boarding passes and scanned our hand luggage. Normally at the security area there are lengthy queues and sometimes abrupt staff.

british airways club class tenerife menu

Then it was off to the British Airways lounge. Well I have to say this trip was getting better by the minute. Here we were in the nice BA lounge, with great views over the airport two hours before our flight, spoilt for choice with buffet breakfast laid out, tea, coffee and a complimentary bar, which some where already enjoying.

So we enjoyed our breakfast watching the planes taking off and landing in comfy chairs and finished this off with a glass of bubbly.

As we were waiting for our flight, it was all change for lunch. As we had a 13:30 flight we had arrived for breakfast service, but now the lounge staff changed the food to lunchtime service. We couldn’t resist trying a bit of lunch as well and a bit more bubbly.

british airways club class tenerife

Eventually, right on time, the flight was called and off we went to the boarding gate. We didn’t have to wait long for the aircraft to be boarded, and as Club Class passengers we had priority boarding and walked straight past all the other passengers now on their feet waiting by the desk.

On board we were sitting at the front of the aircraft and the seats were configured with only two seats on each side of the aisle, rather than the three seats in economy class. There was extra leg room as well, with pillows and blankets placed on our seats, so we were set for a comfy flight.

We departed right on schedule and sat back to enjoy the flight. It wasn’t long before the complimentary bar service was opened, and as club class passengers we could enjoy whatever we liked from the drinks menu, including Champagne, which of course we did.

Next up was lunch, with a choice from a two course menu served on china plates with steel cutlery. Our choice was between roasted chicken with a morel mushroom cream jus, and haddock kedgeree, with a choice of warm bread, and for dessert a coffee and fig gateau, and camembert and blue cheese with quince jelly with biscuits.

british airways club class champagne
Having lunch served on china plates with steel cutlery makes all the difference, and the food was excellent given that the economy class passengers were given a cold Mexican style wrap.

Well I have to say that after a couple of glasses of wine with our meal, and Champagne on request, this was a most pleasant flight.

I had intended to take a few photos of the experience, but I got so carried away with enjoying the flight that I completely forgot to take many. The only one I took was of my tray before the meal was served.


This was without doubt the best of many flights to Tenerife we have ever had, as you would expect. The journey was completely stress free, from the check-in and security checks, to the lounge with breakfast and a bit of lunch.

The flight was most comfortable with only two seats either side of the aisle and with extra leg room there was ample space to relax. The food was excellent, as was the wine and Champagne.

If you want to treat yourselves and give Club Class ago it is highly recommended. British Airways are the only carrier currently offering a premium service to Tenerife.

To get the best prices you need to book early. Currently if you book well ahead you will get a seat at approx. £250 each. It isn’t cheap, but if you can afford the ticket fare or you are on special occasion it is worth the extra for the stress free experience and for the service given.