Best Tenerife Weather, North or South


A lot has been written about the Tenerife weather. The weather on Tenerife can be dramatically different on the north and south of the island. This will be especially so during the winter months. The north of Tenerife is green and full of lush vegetation, were as the south is dry and arid.

The south of Tenerife is sunnier and dryer than the north, so if you are going because you want a sun tan you need to go to the south.

North Tenerife Beach

North Tenerife Beach

The climate in the north in summer is very pleasant as it tends to be a bit cooler, so if you want to escape the sometimes oppressive heat of the south then then north is a good place to be. There may be over cast days, but the sun normally comes out at some point. The landscape is much prettier than the south as it is full of palms, banana plantations and better looking buildings.

The winter months in the north can be a bit unsettled with more likelihood of some rain, but this doesn’t usually last long. Again, if you are looking for maximum sun, then you will be better off in the south.

This difference in this weather is due to mountain range that divides the island. The warm moist air of the trade winds coming across the Atlantic from the north gets caught by the mountain, where it is forced upwards, cools and condenses into cloud.

The bottom line is if your goal is to go home with a sun tan, you should head for the south of Tenerife.